Friday, 22 November 2013

Dr. Robert Paeglow United States

6- new york
To those whose lives he has changed, Robert Paeglow is known simply as “Dr. Bob.” But Dr. Bob is so much more than a doctor to people in need. At age 36, with a wife and four kids, he decided to go to medical school. After graduating in 1994, he started working in family practice and spent his vacations going on mission trips to Africa. Then Dr. Bob gave up everything again to open a clinic in the poorest section of Albany, New York, where most doctors wouldn’t open their car door. He had a vision to open a center where patients could get not only medical help, but spiritual and socio-economic help as well.
Dr. Bob treats his patients, prays with them, and gives them medicine if he has it. If he doesn’t, he pays for it and then gives it to them. As a result, the Paeglows have very little they can call their own. Dr. Bob takes absolutely no salary and survives on donations. But even when he receives money from donations, he usually puts it back into his practice to continue giving free medicine to his patients.